Arya will Kill CerseiLannister in Final Season of 8


With the April debut practically around the bend, and a firm debut date for Game of Thrones’ eighth season, I’ve started hypothesizing about how it’s everything going to end. My first hypothesis: Arya will be the one to execute Cersei.

Most importantly, I’d be unable to trust that Cersei doesn’t finish up dead in some way or another when the arrangement closes Game of thrones 8. She’s the most despicable of all, and in spite of the fact that the “hero” bites the dust every now and again in Game of Thrones, the enormous result will be the demise of Cersei (I mean, it must be, right?!?).

Things being what they are, who might be the one to execute Cersei that would be the most satisfying? With Arya’s murder list getting shorter and shorter, and a portion of those executes really being at Arya’s hand, we can’t resist the urge to think about what number of names she’ll have the capacity to check off of that rundown before the arrangement closes.

With there being just 8 scenes left, and the occasions of the Season 7 finale putting the majority of the pawns on the chessboard for the following season, we’re beginning to sort out the Game of Thrones endgame in our psyches — that is, what will be the last couple of snapshots of the arrangement.

I have a hypothesis that includes Jon Snow and Daenerys for the last snapshots of the arrangement, with Daenerys removing her legitimate position of royalty from the Lannisters, and Jon and the Starks coming back toward the North to administer in harmony. I’ll share that full hypothesis one more day, however until further notice, it merits referencing, in light of the fact that I think it sets up how Arya will get her retribution on Cersei.

In the last scene of GoT, I’m hypothesizing that there will be a last fight between the Lannisters and the Starks/Snow/Daenerys’ military (they’ve lined up with Jon Snow and the north now). In that last fight, I trust Arya will penetrate King’s Landing and give Cersei the blade, masked as another person.

At first, I enthusiastically figured she could initially murder Jaime and after that sunrise his face, however then I understood that her measuring is all off, obviously. Rather, whose appearance could Arya go up against to trap Cersei?

I’ve been considering this inquiry all week, lastly, on account of one of our editors, Collin, I’ve presently found a solution: Qyburn.

Qyburn is a fragile elderly person, and it’s conceivable that Arya could be mistaken for the Master of Whisperers if she somehow happened to wear his face. With Qyburn being the main individual close to Arya’s stature that Cersei at any rate marginal trusts, I trust that Arya will sunrise Qyburn’s face, sneak in near Cersei, and uncover herself before cutting Cersei’s throat.

Once more, this will probably be one of the last snapshots of the arrangement in Season 8, bringing Arya’s (and the Stark’s) revenge into the spotlight. This will permit Daenerys to take the Throne in King’s Landing. I’ll likewise suggest that Daenerys and Jon will wed, and rather than there being a King of North and Queen of King’s Landing, they’ll both guideline the whole seven kingdoms together.


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